Do It Up: The Launch of Red Balloon

    While indulging in a glass of pop and some potato chips with me, my maternal grandmother raised her eyebrows at my eight-year-old self, smiled and, with decisiveness, proclaimed, “We’re only going this way once, so let’s do it up!”
    As years have rolled on, in moments of both sorrow and happiness, this uncomplicated sentiment has become my motto.  What a beautiful, simple truth, full of wisdom and joy.
    It was in that same spirit of celebrating all aspects of life that I formed Red Balloon, a service designed to lend some playful ceremony to those moments—however happy or sad, public or private—that define each of our lives.
    Having chosen to “do it up” and start this online shop, my life has become richer and more vibrant. With the launch of Red Balloon, I’m thrilled to be offering collections of objects that I find beautiful, charming and humourous—especially knowing that wonderful people like you will enjoy using these treasures during everyday celebrations for years to come!
    Festivity brings people closer together, offering opportunities to connect to those you care about.  Since we’re only going this way once, why not take the advice of a great philosopher and do it up!
    - Jess


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  • Jess and Sandy, love the story of Gma, Only you could think of a new innovative way to party on , for many occasions.

    Wishing you the best , will you consider suggestions for “do it up”.


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